Below is a list addressing some frequently asked questions regarding the process of redeeming your Groupon to come aboard a Padelford Cruise. The deal is only available on Groupon’s website for a limited time.

How do I redeem my Groupon online?

Redeeming your Groupon online is as easy as booking a ticket! After selecting the date of your preferred cruise, simply enter your Groupon redemption code(s) into the “Coupon Serial” field on the following page. You will need to enter a redemption code for each ticket in the reservation, one at a time, deleting the previous code before entering the next code.

Do I need to fill out my credit card information?

No, credit card information is only required if purchasing additional items such as drink tickets OR if purchasing an additional ticket not using a groupon voucher.

What do I put in the “Coupon Serial” field?

Groupon redemption codes are required, NOT the voucher code. The redemption codes are a series of 8-10 letters and unique to each ticket purchased.

If you experience problems redeeming online please call our office (651) 227-1100 during business hours Monday through Friday.

Can I use more than one Groupon at a time?

Yes, you can enter a redemption code for each ticket in the reservation. Codes need to be entered one at a time, deleting the previous code before entering the next code.

Do I have to make a reservation to use my Groupon?

Groupons for Sightseeing Cruises may be redeemed immediately prior to cruise at the Padelford Landing ticket office without a reservation, provided there are still tickets available. Groupons for Margarita Cruises must be reserved at least one day prior to cruise. We cannot guarantee availability without reservations.

What cruises is my Groupon good for?

Groupons are only valid for the type of cruise selected on original purchase:
– The 2-for-1 & 4-for-2 Sightseeing Groupons are valid only on Sightseeing Cruises, which run 7-days-a-week Memorial Day through Labor Day, and select dates in the Fall.
– The 4-for-2 Margarita Cruise Groupons are valid only on Margaritas on the Mississippi Cruises, which run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays June through September. Advanced reservations required for Margarita Cruises.

Can I split my Groupon tickets up for multiple cruises?

No. Example: if you purchased the 4-for-2 Groupon, all four tickets must be used for the same cruise.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions about our cruises

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