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Private Charter Bar Options

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Jonathan Padelford

All Padelford Riverboats have a fully-stocked bar on each deck. There are several different methods for payment. Our host bar options are also available to groups that book our public cruises. Check out our Charter Enhancements page for additional options for your private charter.

Payment Options

Cash Bar - Each passenger pays cash as they order.

Host Bar - The host pays. Under this plan there are several options:

  • Host Bar Tab - We run a tab and total it up at the end of your cruise. You have the option to limit the time and items available for the host bar. With this method an estimated cost is calculated in advance and you pay that amount with your final payment at least seven days prior to the cruise. You will receive a refund if the bar tab is less than the estimate or pay the difference if the tab exceeds the estimate.
  • Drink Tickets - We will provide you with tickets. Tickets are worth host value. Bartenders will keep track of how many tickets are used and what they are used for (ex. pop, beer, mixed drink). At the end of the evening any additional amount over estimate will be due in full.
  • Flat Rate - You pay a set price per person.
    $5 per person - Soft drinks only
    $18 per person - Soda, Beer and Wine
    $22 per person - Soda, Beer, Wine, and Liquor
    Prices based on 3 hour charter with 30 min boarding time and do not include sales tax. **Additional hours can be added to Flat Rate Drink Packages. Please ask your Charter Consultant for pricing**

Full payment based on final passenger guarantee is due 7 business days prior to the cruise date. Payment for any additional passengers above the final guarantee is due on the day of the cruise. Bar packages may be ordered only in conjunction with catering.

Listed prices subject to change, please consult our Charter Consultants for the most up-to-date accurate pricing

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