School Field Trips

Educational Field Trips In Minnesota

Are you looking for fun school field trip ideas? Take your students on an educational outing aboard a Padelford riverboat! We offer two different types of field trips that can be tied into multiple school subjects such as history and science.

Narrated Mississippi River Cruises in Minnesota

Narrated Mississippi River Cruises

Introduce your students to the Mississippi River by taking them on a 90-minute narrated riverboat cruise. These cruises go through the heavily wooded Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, a zone steeped in the history of early Minnesota and its settlers.

Big River Journey School Field Trip in Minnesota

Big River Journey Experience

Aboard the Anson Northrup riverboat, students in grades 3–5 use microscopes to peer into the tiny world of aquatic invertebrates and study river geology using samples of sandstone, limestone, and shale, among other engaging activities. Each of these hands-on stations allow students to connect with the Mississippi River through science and real-world observations.
**BRJ cruises are not available at this time.  Please check back for fall 2022 availability**

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