Big River Journey

Big River Journey (BRJ)

Please contact the National Park Service for information on the 2022 season
(click the link below)

This is a unique hands-on learning experience for students in grades 3–5. Aboard the Anson Northrup riverboat, students:

  • Use microscopes to peer into the tiny world of aquatic invertebrates.
  • Study river geology using samples of sandstone, limestone, and shale.
  • Check out river birds using binoculars.
  • Investigate the sources of river litter.
  • Visit a riverboat captain in the pilothouse of the boat.

Each of these hands-on stations allow students to connect with the Mississippi River through science and real-world observations. These special cruises are only offered on a limited basis.

Big River Cruise School Trip in MN

$9.95 for Adults and Children (12 and under)

For additional information, visit the National Park Service’s BRJ website.

BRJ Teacher Workshops

All teachers are welcome to participate in the special BRJ Workshops. Teachers will learn to conduct science activities on topics such as: aquatic insects, river geology, riverine ecosystems, river birds, riverboats, urban watersheds and water quality, river caretaking, and archaeology. Activities will assist teachers in addressing the Minnesota Profile of Learning and state graduation areas.

These programs, which provide Continuing Education Certificates, are conducted at Fort Snelling State Park Visitor Center in February.

For more information about the BRJ Workshop, contact the National Park Service at 651-291-8414 or go to the National Park Service website.

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